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African Caribbean Heritage Digital Archive Project

The African Caribbean Heritage Digital Archive Project is ALMOST COMPLETE!

Many of us have been eagerly awaiting this incredible Heritage Digital Archive project to complete. As with all ambitious projects like this it has needed more time but is in good hands and will be worth waiting that little bit longer. A lot of material is now here to watch and read already, we aim to also have a new look for the site and that too is not far off now.
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But right now, browse through the drop-down menu for this project marked Heritage Archive.
Under that you’ll find a lot to look at and many videos to watch.

In a nutshell – what is this Heritage Digital Archive project about?

The original aims of the project were summarised as follows:
The African Caribbean Heritage Digital Archive Project will catalogue, digitize and make available online First Cut Media audio-visual heritage materials collected over the past 30 years producing 36 edited videos with trailers, with support from the North West Film Archive. The project will record up to 15 new oral histories with Windrush generation participants. The themes of the archive will reflect both the seven principles of African heritage and the topics of the Government’s Race Disparity Audit 2017. The project will provide education and training for two youth groups, the Hideaway Youth Project and the Louise DaCocodia Education Trust. The project will support the Windrush Crusade initiative and will develop collaboration with the People’s History Museum and the National Black Cultural Archives. The digital outputs will be promoted through local events, search engine optimization, blog posts and social media channels, enabling much larger online audiences to learn about African Caribbean heritage and culture, promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding.

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