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  • Remembering our Roots!


    Why do we need to remember our roots?

    I think we should remember our roots because it’s important to know where you come from, what your ancestors did to make us be equal to white people, all the beautiful things they did and also to start spreading the black history through black people views and not white ones. I feel that school’s curriculum doesn’t go into much depth when discussing black history and we should should discuss about other topics than slavery, because there’s more to black people than slavery and also because there’s more to black people than only slavery.

    It’s important to know about black history because it gives young black people a sense of self-identity and knowledge of where they come from and also that history is not only about white history.

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
    – Nelson Mandela

  • Young Roots Project about the 1945 Pan-African Congress in Manchester

    Would you like to develop some media skills? Are you less than 25 years old? Are you interested in Black History, including Pan-African issues and history? 

    Welcome to the PAC45 YOUNG ROOTS project!

    The PAC45 Young Roots project will provide an educational and inspiring opportunity for 15-20 young people, primarily of African-Caribbean heritage, in deprived inner city Manchester. The heritage focus of the project is researching the 1945 5th Pan African Congress held in Manchester and making connections with world events today, as discussed at the PAC45 Conference in Manchester in October 2015.

    The 1945 conference addressed issues such as ‘The Colour Problem in Britain’; ‘Imperialism in North and West Africa’; ‘Oppression in South Africa’; ‘The Problems in the Caribbean’; and ‘Women in the West Indies’. Although the situations have moved on, many of the themes are still vitally important today. The young people will be supported to research these themes, focusing on key individuals from the 1945 and 2015 conferences.

    The young people will conduct interviews and receive audio-visual production, post production and online publishing training. They will play a key role in producing a documentary programme, web pages and social media, using Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vines. The young people will use the knowledge and skills they gain to become heritage advocates; making heritage more accessible and relevant to the needs and interests of other young people and huge online audiences.


    > Download the registration form

    > Download the work plan for the project