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Shrunk Expand

Crime and Disorder In The Black Community

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A Manchester Adult Education film project sponsored by the Learning and Skills Council.

Produced by First Cut Media in 2003. Duration: 24 minutes.

Presented by Yasmin Alawiye.

A documentary which includes interviews with:

  • Marvin Hinds – Marvin a youth worker, talks about his challenges within the school system and how it led to his exclusions and labelled as being a trouble maker.
  • Lloyd Blake – Lloyd a former gang member, talks about what made him decided to leave the gang life and return to education.
  • Roy Ledgister QC – Roy Ledgister a criminal lawyer, talks about the criminal justice system, the prison service and the probation service and the impact on black communities.
  • Freida Anderson MBE – Freida is the Chief Executive at Partners of Prisoners and Family Support Group, she talks about her work in supporting families caught up in the criminal justice system and her role in implementing changes in the prison service such as visitors rights. She talks about early interventions to help young people getting in trouble with law.
  • Patsy McKie – Patsy set up Mothers Against Violence after her son was killed in a gang shooting. She talks about the effect on her life and the impact on the community of Moss Side.