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Whit Stennett

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Trafford’s first black Lord Mayor, Whit Stennett MBE.

Stennett served as Lord Mayor from 2003 to 2004. In a book published in 2008, Stennett told the story of his life and the challenges he faced. When he first came to Manchester carrying a suitcase filled with cricket gear and had just £50. The book he wrote explores his journey from Dry Harbor in Jamaica to Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom to receive the MBE. Stennett, who represented Clifford ward for over 25 years, became the first black Lord Mayor of Old Trafford in 2003 and one of the most respected members of the community.

He was inspired to write his memoir after the death of his mother in 1999. The book “A Bittersweet Journey,” details life in the Jamaican fishing village of his youth, as well as his first impressions of the UK. Stennett describes how he found real friends among the people of Manchester in days where blacks faced serious racism. Stennett began his career at the Post Office and campaigned for racial equality and worked in the union movement. Always a sportsman, he had a strong love for cricket and also helped to found the Moss Side Boxing Club.

Whit Stennett – a celebration of his life and work (Documentary)
Councillor Whit Stennett served as a councillor for the Clifford Ward, Borough of Trafford for over 25 years, this film tells the story of his life and work by people who knew him, including his wife and children, work colleagues, friends and others.

Whit Stennett – Lord Mayor of the Borough of Trafford 2003
Film about the Civic Awards Ceremony 2003 for Councillor Whit Stennett MBE, first and only Black Lord Mayor of the Borough of Trafford