VIDEOS: Akala, Kadija George, Umar Johnson, Temi Mwale, Hakim Adi + others

The three day conference in October 2015 was filmed and edited by First Cut Media incl videos: Akala, Kadija George, Umar Johnson, Temi Mwale, Hakim Adi + others.  There is a key edited documentary and also a documentary about young people’s reflections.  Then the entire conference has been documented and can be viewed in five sections (see below).  The conference  was also WEBCAST on Saturday 17th and these are available to watch at

Documentary: Manchester Pan-African Congress Conference

Here is the main edited documentary produced by First Cut about the conference and its background:


Documentary: Young people reflect on the PAC45 youth debate

A film about the youth conference which opened the conference weekend in October 2015:


The edited videos which document the entire conference are in four parts, plus a fifth video of Akala’s unedited presentation:

Day 1: 16th October 2015

Day 2 (part 1): 17th October 2015

Day 2 (part 2): 17th October 2015

Day 3: 18th October 2015

Day 3: 18th October – a hidden gem among the videos: AKALA’s presentation (unedited)

Due to technical issues on the day, of all the videos Akala was filmed without notice on the spur of the moment by Kooj Chuhan (Metaceptive Media) with a DSLR camera on a monopod he luckily had with him, apologies for the occasional camera shake.