• PAC45 YOUNG ROOTS project, young people work with historians, media producers and activists


Web and social media training – make it work for your work!

Website Design and Social Media Training that will get your business, band, community, cause, or whatever you do out there ...
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PAC45 Final Presentation with Film Screening, Discussion and Website Launch

The PAC45 Young Roots project was concluded with a final presentation of its work, which took place at Hideaway Youth ...
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Garvey Got it Right

Marcus Garvey the visionary African is one of the greatest man amongst men who's action against Western aggression and racial ...
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The father of African film Ousmane Sembene

I have always been fascinated by Ousmane Sembene, who was originally a writer but he decided to become a filmmaker ...
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Black activist Inventor

I have never heard of a black activist inventor so the search I typed has discovered this man.this mans name ...
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Rosa Parks – The Future

I dream for change. The future is change! The first time I heard of Rosa Parks was to research some ...
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Remembering our Roots!

Strength Inspiring Determination Beautiful Unity Why do we need to remember our roots? I think we should remember our roots ...
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Marcus Garvey: My Thoughts

History  Power strong  proud inspiring   why cant I remember what Marcus Garvey done? "Marcus Garvey prophesy say, Oh yeah Man ...
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Why you should appreciate people like Malcolm X

saviour powerful determined supportive spiritual what are your thoughts when someone says Malcolm X? when I hear someone mention Malcolm ...
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The fighter Rosa parks

power fighter moving proud happy If she never made a stand where would we be now? "Racism is still with ...
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