History of activism by Manchester Black Women

Manchester Black Women - Women Of The Soil project

First Cut Media have led on the production of an incredible project ‘Women Of The Soil‘ about the activism of Manchester black women.  Two keynote documentary films were produced plus another 25 films of detailed interviews, each lasting between 30 and 45 minutes as an historical archive.

The Women Of The Soil project focuses on the professional achievements of Manchester black women and their activism within the community. It also looks at the ways in which Louise Da-Cocodia has influenced their professional/political /cultural development. Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund to work in partnership with First Cut Media and Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust on the Women Of The Soil project to produce a documentary and resources.

The two keynote documentaries are presented here as follows, for the full project archive and further details please visit www.dacocodiatrust.com/women-of-the-soil .


Black Women’s Activism In Manchester – Women Of The Soil


‘Mrs D’ (Louise Da-Cocodia) – Women Of The Soil


The Women Of The Soil project is about the heritage of Manchester black women’s activism, from the 1980s to the present day. The focus of the project is on the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia and the inter-related themes that encompass her community development work in Manchester: Health, Empowerment of Women and Families, Economics, Employment and Training, Education, Political Organization, Faith and Culture. The African proverb, “I am because we are” explains the project’s structure. Louise Da-Cocodia is the central figure of the project, but her work is only a reflection of the growth and development of a whole community and therefore the project is about Black women’s aspirations, achievements and activism.

A further film of a discussion about the activism of pioneering black women was also produced, involving a critical discussion between Mama Eloise Edwards, Betty Luckham and Auntie Julie Asumu in response to prompts from Angela Ankeli:

Celebrating The Community Activism Of Pioneering Black Women


Aiming to inspire more Manchester black women

This project is aimed at inspiring the next generation(s), especially young women; to not only empower themselves but also think of the wider community. It is also committed to ensuring that the voices of Black women and girls of all ages can be heard. More info at www.dacocodiatrust.com/women-of-the-soil .

Manchester Black Women - Women Of The Soil project